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ECS offers complete energy monitoring and metering solution.  Our automation solutions are designed to deliver convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency to optimize work and living environment.

We are here to power up your building with latest tailor-made energy solution and technologies. Our resources will optimise the performance of buildings to achieve maximum energy efficiency and sustainability.

Our committed team can support you from the birth to the completion of your project, providing maintenance and installation operation services, with a declared engagement towards performance.

Energy prices have been in a constant state of flux owing to global economic forces and geopolitical factors.  We can help you identify and eliminate energy waste.  Our solutions help organisations to implement a comprehensive strategy for an effective management of wages to protect organization bottom-line and accelerate business growth. Our smart buildings not only deliver energy savings but preserves and protects our planets natural resources. Using ECS building tailor-made energy management solutions in an office setting, a facilities manager can guarantee an optimized work environment, whilst ensuring unnecessary energy expenditure is eliminated.


We shall provide you the following services:

  • Renewable energy systems
  • Building automation and control
  • Efficient lighting and controls
  • Energy audit
  • Energy and power management solutions
  • Lighting Controls solution: Daylight harvesting, occupancy-based controls, wireless switching
  • Fuel Generator Component Monitoring
  • HVAC Controls solution: AHU / FCU controls, Compressor Operation monitoring and control, chiller monitoring and control, ventilation controlling system, Temperature / Pressure / Humidity / CO2 control, Thermal (BTU) Meter Bulling, Gas
  • Water Management System solution: Pump Automation, Water Meters, Water Leaks.
  • Fire Alarm System solution: Addressable, Conventional and Wireless.
  • Level monitoring and control
  • CCTV System solution: Analog cameras, IP based Cameras, Web based monitoring system.
  • Data center and network efficiency
  • Monitoring of Cold room opening times and temperature
  • Access Control System solution: Time based attendance system, Boom barrier system, Hotel lock management system.
  • Battery Management system solution: Monitoring the performance of battery.
  • Smart Plug: solution monitoring and control of electrical loads through Smart Phone with android application.
  • UPS monitoring
  • Monitoring of energy meters
  • Extractor Fan & Fresh Air supply system
  • Staircase Pressurization Fans
  • Lift Pressurization fans
  • Pump / Motor system running hours

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