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Sugar Industry

Years ago, producing and trading sugar used to be easier. With evolution in the sugar industry, there are nowadays other issues such as price and crop fluctuations, high energy costs and globalization. This is where ECS can help you to face these growing challenges.

Being an industry-specific focus ranging from automation, instrumentation to covering the entire Control, Automation and Instrumentation of the plant, we ensure that all stages of the process are perfectly coordinated. We have 25 years experience in developing solutions for the Sugar Industry. We are here to help you if ever you are planning a new plant or revamping existing sub processes.

Sugar Industry
Sugar Industry
Sugar Industry

To optimize your processes, we make use of existing information effectively while making sure that the data is consistently in your IT systems.

With our professional experts and our commitment to innovation we also provide consultancy services. Our engineers have the objective of raising the capacity while ensuring the profitability of your plant.

ECS offers a wide range of solutions in automation, instrumentation and electrical department for sugar industries. With our highly reliable Variable Speed Drives, we incorporate modern technology to enhance working operations of the factory.

We are here to provide a range of different applications from frequency drives, soft starters and motor control centres for the plant. Our various services range from:

  • Totally Integrated Automation
  • Power and efficiency at once: Drive technology
  • Energy-efficient drives
  • Process know-how
  • Precise measurement of values
  • Modern power management systems 
  • Keep pH measurement within safe limits
  • Optimize your differential pressure measurement
  • Level measurement in the evaporation process
  • Brix concentration at the highest level
  • Complete solutions from single source
  • Process control through the whole factory
  • Instrumentation for refined control
  • Integrated networking via PROFIBUS

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