Our Team

At ECS, our people take great pride in our commitment towards providing personal and high-quality professional services,
always responsive to the needs of our clients.  


Our team of professionals is dedicated to striving for excellence with the best Engineering practices.


Our people are knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful to foster the right team spirit.  
We work ideally with each other and with the customer to ensure a safe environment and maximum productivity.
ECS is the sum of its people and their innovative insights they bring to our clients'
most challenging issues and help them navigate the competitive and fast-evolving markets.



Our team of dedicated professionals is our most valuable resource.
By operating with enthusiasm and flexibility, our teams are skilled problem solvers able to turn
every challenge into opportunities. Most of them have built a long-standing relationship with the company.

Our technology-savvy people are passionate about technology and how it meets today’s business needs.
They are the key to the company’s continued success and are behind the innovative solutions and services that are deployed for our clients.




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Electrical & Control Specialists Ltd

Mon Loisir Industrial Zone
Riviere du Rempart

Phone: (230) 260 0862

Email: ecs@ecs.mu