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Display and Queue Management Solutions

Wavetec is a multinational technology company that is on the forefront of technological revolution since more than two decades, and enjoys a firm presence in over 70 countries.

Wavetec’s credible customer portfolio, rich integration tools, and customized solutions are eminently known worldwide. With 8 Regional Offices and partnerships around the globe, Wavetec helps businesses organize, engage and measure customer flow with its innovative and advanced customer experience solutions.

Wavetec provides a state of the art Queue Management System (QMS); an Enterprise Solution, with a current design and an Enterprise level information system to map customers’ journey and enhance customer experiences.Our LED tickers and Video Displays can be custom designed in any shape and dimension according to your requirements, and used both indoors and outdoors.



WAVETEC offers a wide range of products and solutions for:

Queue Management Systems

Stock and News Ticker

Digital Signage

LED Display Systems

Please contact us for more information or visit WAVETEC’s website

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