Process Control

ECS provides complete process control automation solutions by using modern hardware and software tools available in the market. Our Automation and Process Control services consist of:


What we do


Program & Design
Program & Design

Offer Details

  • Automation system
  • Process Control system
  • New PLC system with existing SCADA system on a plant
  • PLC panels
  • SCADA system on existing PLC system
  • PLC, PAC, DCS, SCADA and Hybrid systems
  • Telemetry system
  • Design and Implementation of Energy monitoring system on industrial plants
  • Integration of Energy monitoring system on existing SCADA system
  • Intelligent Motor Starter system
  • Tailor-made system as per client requirement and budget



Control of industrial equipment is key to optimization and continuous monitoring of processes. We design,
supply, program, install and commission process control solutions that enable our customers to measure, control, power, monitor
and analyze the critical parameters of the advanced processes that they manage.



More services

  • Automation and Process control Reporting system
  • Assist client for Site Acceptance
  • Assistance to commissioning of third party system
  • Assistance to operators on plants (Power plants, Sugar Industry, Waste water plant, Water treatment plant and many more)
  • Auditing of technical staff competency for training plan set-up
  • Consultancy
  • Documentation of new and existing system
  • Fibre optic network for automation system and with redundant where required.
  • Integration of Auditing of existing automation and Process Control system
  • Management of Automation Projects
  • Operators training
  • Product Selection based on client need for cost effective system
  • Technical training for Automation and Control and Variable Speed Drive system
  • Tuning of PID Loops
  • Upgrading of Automation and Control system with product with same or another make
Process Control
Process Control


We operate one various industrial process on DCS and PLC SCADA SYSTEMS SUCH AS:


Power Stations
Sugar Industries
Water Treatment Plants
Sewerage Treatment Plant
Chemical Plants
Telemetry Systems
Petroleum Depot

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